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Weekend Trip to Bir Billing - India's Highest Paragliding Site

Weekend trip to Bir Billing Paragliding Monastery
Chokling Monastery

Bir Billing, a place where many people come to experience the thrill of Paragliding or as they say, they come to The Paragliding Capital of India (World's Second Highest Paragliding Site), home to many Tibetan refugees, land of Monasteries and the list goes on and on.....

A Perfect Place for a Weekend Trip even if you are going solo.
The intention was to go solo but from ONE there were TWO and from TWO there were THREE and from THREE there were FOUR...

"Two is a company, three is a crowd, four is a party, One is a wanderer" by James Thurber.

Yea, this place is so magical that just hearing about its forte can make anyone feel allured.
Paragliding, Hang-gliding, Monasteries, Tibetan Monks, Tea Garden, River Walks..........phew, I can go on and on.....

Funny thing, I had already booked everything from Transport to Stay for one person only.
It's just after booking I realized I should ask more people, expecting them to say "No!" but clearly, that didn't happen.

Now from One, there were Four.
Talking about MY FRIENDS, they may look normal from the outside but from the inside they were High on Life, each one carrying a purpose, a meaning to life. No wonder they agreed and the weekend trip was on!

It was a 10 hr drive, we packed our bags with all the essentials we need but we forgot about one, a very important one. Without which every trip to the mountains is incomplete, LIQUOR, every man's best friend (*laugh people*)
We left in the evening and reached there after midnight as we had to take a little detour but it was alright as long we had each other's side.

Plot Twist- The place we booked to stay wouldn't let us stay as the Booking was for the following morning and we couldn't really go anywhere else. So we requested them to let us crash in the Lounge till morning. They had to agree, what options did they have or We had...

Day 1 (Monasteries Day)

The Morning came and I could almost sense the other fellow traveler guests, staring at us lying un-proportionately on the couch, their ruckus woke us up.
There was no time to waste as we were only there for 2 days, so we checked in, kept our bags, freshen up, and went out to look for a guide for Paragliding, and eventually, we found one but he scheduled it for the next day.
So we had one full day to kill and what could be the better option than to go for Monastery Hoping
- Chokling Monastery
- Tsering Jong Monastery
- Nyingyang Monastery
- Sherabling/Tai Situ Rinpoche Monastery

Weekend trip to Bir Billing Paragliding Monastery
Tsering Jong Monastery

No matter which Monastery you go to, you will always feel a sense of belonging. And these were enough to kill the time and to had the lust for a goooood dinner.

Day 2 (Paragliding Day)

Finally the day we were all waiting for, the guide (whom we met there) took us to the site. 

Tip - There's no need for online booking. There are plenty of agencies on the main road itself or ask your accommodation manager for the guide.

Oh Man! was it crazy, seeing the people flying but without wings. It was difficult now to conceal the emotions, the adrenaline rush, the anxiety while getting prepped for the take-off. The heart started to 'lub-dub'. 
It was a Tandem Jump, means assisted by a professional. He just said one thing, "DONT STOP, JUST JUMP OFF THE CLIFF".
I was like "WHAAAAT"........ And there we go, we jumped and took the Leap of Faith.

You can't really describe that feeling in words. The sky full of parachutes, people with the same lust for adventure, and As you run into the air, 8000 feet above the ground, the parachute opens and takes you and your breath away, like a weightless bird.

Weekend trip to Bir Billing Paragliding

Those 20 mins of Heavenly Experience made me realize that we are too busy to cherish the Life itself instead we are busy chasing it.

Indeed that was our 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' experience and I am still glad that my friends tagged along with me to this weekend trip.
After landing, We smiled and hugged each other and We are still blown away by the experience whenever we talk about Bir Billing.

Because Some Moments Are Worth To Share.....
The Broke Doc

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