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The Unsung Love for Rishikesh Part 2 : A Hippie Story

Rishikesh, Here We Come Again!

Remember how much time you spent smoking joints and pot during your time in college? Yes, I am talking to YOU! (*winky face*).

Note - If you haven't read Part 1 then you're missing out on some serious fun.

Continuing the story, you know how 'spontaneous plans' are, you don't think; you just act.
Little did I know where I was planning to chill at the weekend by binging shows and other stuff, other plans were already being made by some of my restless friends.

No brainer I had to join them or else I had to walk on 'the path of shame'. Nevertheless, getting late for every trip has been our specialty. 
It was a 5 hr long drive, made some detours for gas and food, and finally reached Rishikesh at midnight 

But something went wrong during all this, WE NEVER MADE ANY BOOKINGS TO STAY. We were so cool about the accommodation that we were expecting people to welcome us by showering flowers on to our entrance.
But in reality, every other place was full. After searching for an hour we finally found this hostel which would let us stay in this tiny dorm perfect for us 5 people.

Other guests had already made the hostel their home, laughing, smoking weed and playing cards, and more. They all were kind enough to let us join them. One of them just passed me that weed so casually that I had to pretend I was an everyday stoner. But I couldn't pull out the act for long. It just took me one hard cough to make a fool out of myself.

And later that night something unimaginable happened. We were all set to go out to breathe in the city at 2 a.m and when we were just about to step out, we crossed paths with this man who was a self-proclaimed fortune-teller also went by the name of 'Jeeni Baba'. He was stoned for sure as he couldn't stand straight for long. He proposed to tell us our past and the future in return for nothing. As there was no cost involved, we were also curious to know what he knew about us. He started looking at our faces one by one and started telling predictions one by one. Even though we didn't believe him before but when he shared his predictions, it just blew our mind that how near to close his predictions were. He left and went on his way leaving us there surprised and shocked.

View of Laxman Jhula from the Staircase (Source- Treebo )

Anyway, the reason to go out at 2 a.m was to see the night side of Rishikesh which is far different from its dayside. Dimly-lit streets filled with other travelers roaming around and enjoying the night. It's a whole different story

If you want to make most of the night, stand in between the Laxman Jhula, the bridge, and feel the power of cool breeze while it shivers you and shakes the whole bridge along with you, is an absolute thrill altogether. You can't experience this during the daytime.

There's nothing much to do at night apart from roaming the town and smoking weed. Or be a part of a movie group. Or be a part of a sing-along with other people at the stairways to the river Ganges. Or don't be a part of the sing-along, go down on memory lane by just sitting, looking at the river, and listening to its splashing sound while a flow of cool breeze passes through your body and leaves you numb.

These small little feelings make Rishikesh a perfect place for a getaway.
And it also enabled the future possibilities for the introduction of other substances into my body (*winky face*) 

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