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The Unsung Love for Rishikesh Part I

Rishikesh, Bungee Jumping, Water Rafting
Let's admit it guys, we all have this one 'go-to' place where we all sail to no matter what the occasion is, whether its someone's birthday or someone's heartbroken or just a weekend getaway. For us it was Rishikesh.
The first time I went there, it was a friend's birthday, the second time it was an impulsive plan, the third time it was a place of showcase to other fellow friends and the fourth time, had nothing better place to go.

It's intriguing how every time we went there, there was always something new to do that we couldn't do before.

You Always Remember Your First, because the first time I went, I had my series of firsts. We had a plan, a motive, and an occasion which was to make a friend's birthday memorable for him and us for a lifetime. Indeed that was the plan but not a Surprise so we let him do all the payments (*smiley face*)

Four Friends, One Destination, Experience of a Lifetime
Everything was booked, from Bungee to Water Rafting and Cliff Diving.
A Perfect Plan.

The much awaited weekend was here, we packed our bags, hopped in the car and followed the GPS even if it was through the narrow streets but were still able to make in time. 

We didn't do all the touristy things, just the things we planned and what's Rishikesh is really famous for among millennials and adventure junkies.

Day 1 - Water Rafting 

Time to execute the plan, step by step.

Rishikesh, Bungee Jumping, Water RaftingI have had heard a lot about rafting in Rishikesh, it's like at top places to do rafting and the risky one too. I have had seen many videos in which rafts flip over and the people flow away with river stream.
Knowing all the risks, we were still into it because...YOUNG BLOOD...duhhhhh!

You know something is scary or risky by the level of your anxiety. I was so anxious that I puked just before going to the site. Well anyways, I am glad I didn't get a heart attack.
The Rafting Guides there are the most chill people ever. Our one taught us how to follow his commands and use the row in the most filmy way ever.

It’s a must do adventure sport in Rishikesh!
The scenic view that you really can’t express without being philosophical.
The adventurous rapids fill you up with an adrenaline rush! 
One may feel like Jack Sparrow and the raft as his Black Pearl.

If that is not enough, you get to do Cliff Jumping in the end.

WOAH! It may seem easy to look at people jumping from 30 ft but when you do it yourself, looking down from a 3 story building, the one needs a lot of courage and a push from someone behind and a constant reminder that "ITS JUST WATER, ITS JUST WATER"
I looked down and up, down and up, and just jumped in the name of LORD.
My facial muscles contracted and my mouth remained wide open, gasping for air throughout the jump, thinking it was my last jump but was relieved as soon as I hit the water and was still in one piece but the water tasted funny though maybe because of the dead animal which I later saw from a distance.

In the end, we had a beautiful view of the sunset and a wonderful experience to share at the dinner table.

Day 2 - Bungee Jumping

The only activity left for the time we had, Bungee.

More than Asia's Second Highest Bungee, we were more thrilled about the PAPERS they bring you to sign which says, "ALL RISKS TO LIFE AND/OR PROPERTY OF THE PASSENGERS WOULD BE TO HIS/THEIR OWN ACCOUNT". It's like signing your own Death Certificate.

Since we were all doing this for our birthday boy, we let him to jump first and while getting prepped we were asking Instructors the most basic and absurd questions like "How many people have died" and they answer it very casually, "YOU WILL BE THE FIRST ONE IF YOU DIE........" (*awkward silence*)

Nevertheless, we jumped one by one.

Oh Man! The moment you stand on that ramp 273 ft high in the air with only mountains in your vision and a stream flowing below, your feet start to shake, your hands start to tremble, your heart beats like there is no tomorrow, your conscience yelling at you, "BACK OFF FROM THE DAMN RAMP!"
But your brain high on that adrenaline rush wants you to just take that final leap, urging you to just give it a chance.
Unable to stand straight on your legs, you bend your knees and then you remember you paid for the video too and the video should be perfect, you just take that clichéd 'Leap of Faith'.

Bungee at Rishikesh

Now the real adventure begins. From here the gravity takes on the command and You experience the greatest adventure on this earth - 'The Free Fall' for 5 really long seconds, it's like the time has slow down and you could actually see the TIME itself passing by.

When I landed on the ground, it took me a minute to get a hold of myself and as I saw up at the ramp and its distance from the ground, it surely gave me a new perspective to life.

Ending the story, later we got Certificates too which said, "I've Got Guts".

The Broke Doc

Part 2 is more fun just like other Travel Blogs

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