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How We Survived Shimla-Spiti-Manali Circuit....

"The Road to Spiti has its Own Fame"
shimla spiti manali

But what happens if there are 14 individuals on the trip, all from different caste, background and blood. Little did we know, this trip would change us forever and would change our status quo from Acquaintances to Pals. 

Nevertheless, we gathered one day prior to meet and discuss the route:
Panchkula--Shimla--Narkanda--Reckong Peo--Nako--Tabo--Kaza--Spiti--Kibber-Chandratal-Batal----Gramphu---Rohtang Pass-- Manali--Chandigarh

Day 1 (390km)

The trip started from the college ground at 5 am (means 6 am...)
We were so ready and the vehicles were ready. Half on motorbikes and the other half on a car.

shimla spiti manali

Little did we know, this Bikes-Car separation would lead to an unexpected situation other than no network within deep mountains.

Everything was good, everything was fine. That day our motto was 'Unity in Diversity'.
It had been a long journey, now it was gonna be midnight and we needed to halt somewhere. We took a little detour and halted at Reckong Peo for the night
The night turned into a long one because now there were conflicting opinions from 14 People on the Continuation of the Journey and this ultimately led to Bikes vs Car from Bikes and Car.

There was no turning back now. The journey had to continue, no matter what.

Day 2 (547 km)

And yes it continued but not together this time.
Still, we moved on irresistibly and passed Nako then Tabo and then finally to Kaza in a single day.

We spent the evening at Spiti, the main destination and as they say, Spiti is surreal.

Its nothing but a small town located between valleys and sometimes known as 'Mini-Ladakh'.
And here rests The Post Office at the Highest Altitude, Hikkim Post Office.
And the land of famous Key Monastery.

Spiti Valley (Source- TripAdvisor)
 There was so much to see, so much to explore but we couldn't afford one day more so we moved along the road on the very morning the next day.

 Day 3 (727km)

The morning came, with a new ambition which was to clear the other half of the journey, which happened to be the difficult one.
shimla spiti manaliThe journey, in the beginning, was good as I got to see a monastery from inside for the very first time.
Don't know the name though as it came along the route.
They welcomed us with a kind heart, pretty sure we overstayed our welcome.
But what surprised us, that there was not a sign of a single male monk there. At every other look, I could see only female monks which just made me curious but I never asked why.
After saying bye, we moved towards the lake, the famous Chandratal Lake and somehow We managed to miss the turn and went straight ahead to Batal. While our fellow Biker Comrades managed to get to the lake and decided to spend the night over there.
At Batal, we had our eye on the most iconic place Chacha-Chachi Dhaba, the only Dhaba in the stretch of 150 km.

Batal (Source- Google Images)

After a tummy full lunch, We continued. And from there everything started haywire. THERE WAS JUST NO ROAD AHEAD. Later we realized those River trails ahead were THE ROAD and we somehow managed to get on the trail praying to the HOLY RIVER WATER TO NOT TO FLOOD THE ROAD

Everything was going smooth and steady and time passed by, from noon it was night and We were in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE now (Gramphu).
Few meters ahead, we saw a Dhaba charging for night accommodation and We felt so blessed because it was almost midnight with almost zero visibility. That Dhaba was like a MESSIAH for us.
And there our fellow Biker Comrades were camping and singing at the lake while We were trying to fall asleep while roasting each other.

P.S- We got to use Satellite Phones from a nearby military base.

Day 4 (1160km)

Not a very Good Morning, still stuck in MIDDLE OF NOWHERE wondering how to contact the fellow Biker Comrades and Alas! we came up with the idea of marking the big boulders to give them messages like:
- We were Here
- This Way
Hoping they would see and understand our crypto messages..

Besides this, we had another problem on our way, The River.
The river started to flow, flooding its trails that ended up with WE being stuck but it was no time to lose hope
Somehow we managed to get out of the situation thanks to our optimist friends


There was no holding back now, few kilometers more for the concrete road and yes, there it was, Keylong where we got our network back again on phones, then Rohtang Pass, then Manali where we decided to halt and wait for our fellow Biker Comrades
The wait for them was long for sure, it was noon and then evening
There they were on their raging bikes, so relieved to see them safe and sound despite the past conflict

Just entering Keylong we realized how much we missed roads and in Manali, we realized how much we missed having humans around 

And the home was not far now and we had all night because The Night was Young So Were We.....


In the End, All's Well That Ends Well...
The Broke Doc

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