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The End? What Has Happened in 2020

The End of the World: 2020?

2020 has to be one of the worst years in the history of mankind. Remember Murphy's Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong", 2020 is the absolute epitome of it. So did 2020 really bring the end of the world with it?
Imagine anything worse that could happen, there is a slight possibility that it might have already happened this year: Disasters, Economy Crisis, Virus Outbreaks, Deaths, and what else god knows has happened in 2020.
Apart from Corona Outbreak, there are countless things that happened this year.

    Australia BushFires (January 2020)

    There is already a long-running history of forest fires in Australia but this year it has to be the worst fire season on record as at least 27 million acres of Australia have burned which is larger than Portugal, and more than 14 times the area that burned in California in 2018.
    The fires started in various ways: some by lightning, some by human actions, including arson (willfully and maliciously setting fire). However, it’s the global warming or climate conditions that provided ample fuel for the fires to grow and spread.
    the end of the world 2020
    Residents look on as flames burn through the bush in Lake Tabourie, Australia, on January 4, 2020 (Source- 
    Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

    Ukrainian Flight Crash (January 2020)

    8 January 2020, the Boeing 737-800 flying on the route was shot down shortly after takeoff from Tehran International Airport by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC). All of 176 passengers and crew were found dead.

    Ukrainian flight crash the end what happened 2020

    Gas Plant Explosion (March 2020)
    At least 15 people died in a gas explosion in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday morning. More than 50 buildings were damaged in the blast.
    The explosion was sparked when a truck hit some gas cylinders at a gas processing plant near a pipeline owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

    the end of the world 2020
    The gas explosion in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos killed at least 15 people, injured many more, and destroyed around 50 buildings on March 15, 2020. BENSON IBEABUCHI / AFP via Getty Images

    Yemen Humanitarian Crisis (May 2020)

    Since 2016, Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East and North African region, has been in the midst of a civil war. In 2017, Yemen was declared the world’s largest humanitarian disaster by the UN.
    COVID-19 comes at a time when Yemen’s health infrastructure is essentially non-existent after years of civil war.
    Only a few health facilities are functioning, and many that remain operational lack basic equipment like masks and gloves, and other essential supplies to treat the coronavirus. Most of the health workers are receiving no salaries or incentives
    Sanitation and clean water are in short supply. Around 2 million children under 5 years old are suffering from malnutrition and require treatment. For them, what has happened in 2020 is the end of the world...

    Yemen humanitarian crisis 2020
    Source- Crisis Aid UK

    While the UNICEF is doing their part, you can also support the children and the country through UNICEF UK and Islamic Relief Worldwide

    Gas Plant leak (May 2020)

    In Vishakhapatnam (India), a toxic gas leak killed 11 people, in one of the deadliest industrial accidents since the Bhopal tragedy of 1984. FIR has been registered against LG Polymers Company.
    It may have been caused due to maintenance failures, operating errors, and improper storage of the toxic styrene gas.
    Styrene is an important commercial chemical, which is used in making make plastics, paints, synthetic rubber, insulation, fiberglass, pipes, automobile parts, food containers, and disposable cups.

    2020 the end of the world
    Source- The News Minute

    Pakistan Plane Crash (May 2020)

    At least 97 people had died after a Pakistan International Airlines flight crashed in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi.

    2020 the end of the world
    Volunteers look for survivors of a Pakistan International Airlines flight, carrying nearly 100 passengers and crew, that crashed in a residential area of Karachi, Pakistan on May 22, 2020. (Fareed Khan / AP)

    Cyclones (June 2020)

    Cyclone Nisarga, headed towards the coastline of Maharashtra and Gujarat, came a week after Cyclone Amphan wreaked havoc in West Bengal and Bangladesh, both causing extensive damages.

    cyclone 2020
    41yr old female's leg was broken by a falling tree as Cyclone Amphan made landfall in Midnapore, West Bengal, India

    Ebola Outbreak (June 2020)

    The Ebola epidemic had been growing in the provinces of Africa since mid-2018.
    The WHO declared the outbreak a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” on July 17, 2019.
    On 28 Nov 2019, unidentified armed men launched a series of attacks on the offices and living quarters of several Ebola response teams, killing three workers and forcing scores of others to evacuate. Within days, a new Ebola infection was on the rise once again.
    The WHO approved an Ebola vaccine, paving the way for it to be made available in the areas where Ebola is a threat. As of now, four African countries began administering the new vaccine - Congo, Burundi, Ghana, and Zambia.

    ebola outbreak 2020
    Health workers come to visit mother and daughter, in the quarantine area of the Ebola Treatment Centre of Butembo, North-Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (Source- UN News).

    Locust Attack (June 2020)

    Swarms of locusts invaded vast swathes of land in India since April this year. They entered several cities of Rajasthan via Pakistan’s Sindh province. A few days later, they entered the neighboring states damaging acres of vegetation and crops on their way.

    locust attack 2020
    Locusts swarms can travel up to 130 km in a day & each locust can consume about two grams of fresh vegetation. (Source- Times Now News)

    Air India Flight Crash (August 2020)

    Flight IX 1134 for its flight mission 'Vande Bharat' was carrying 184 passengers, including 10 infants, and 6 crew when it attempted to land at the airport in Kozhikode (Kerala). Kozhikode has a table-top airport, a challenge for aircrew during difficult landings as they typically have steep drops at one or both ends of the runway.
    When they did touch down, the plane is said to have landed 1000 mt beyond the threshold of the runway before skidding off and sliding into a ditch. The impact broke the plane in two. 

    AIR INDIA FLIGHT CRASH KERALA the end what happened 2020
    Source - India's Opinion

    Blast in Beirut (August 2020)

    4 August 2020, a large amount of ammonium nitrate stocked at the port of the city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, exploded, causing at least 204 deaths, 6,500 injuries, and USD15 billion dollar in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless.

    Aftermath of the explosion; With Flooded Blast Crater (Right)

    5,000 Pets Found Dead (October 2020)

    The animals were likely been bought online—were stuffed into plastic or metal cages that were packed in “express boxes” and transported like commodities. They were left in the cardboard boxes without any food or water for roughly a week before being discovered in Central China.

    5000 PETS FOUND DEAD CHINA the end what happened 2020
    Source - Animal News

    West Coast Wildfires (September 2020)

    Combined over 5 million acres have burned in California, Oregon, and Washington so far. Thousands of buildings were destroyed by some of the largest fires ever recorded. More than 2 dozen people have died. Millions up and down the coast spent weeks living under thick clouds of smoke and ash.

    WEST COAST WILDFIRE the end what happened 2020

    People Vs Government

    Large crowds had begun peacefully marching up Hennessy Road in Hong Kong against Beijing's declaration of the implication of New National Law, when police fired multiple rounds of tear gas within 30 minutes of the protest on May 2020.

    hong kong protest 2020
    Police officers clash with protesters in Hong Kong on May 27, 2020.

    Lam Yik Fei—The New York Times/Redux

    On 22 February, about 1000 people began a sit-in protest near the Jaffrabad metro station in Northeast Delhi (India)
    Eventually, the protest took an ugly form of riots as anti- and pro-CAA demonstrators clashed.
    The Delhi Police's ability to bring back peace in riot-affected areas was questioned by multiple sources. There were reports of police taking no action despite being present when the violence resulted in the killings of people

    delhi riot 2020
    Rioters open firing at police during Delhi riots (Source- OP India)

    The nationwide anti-police violence protests caught fire by the killing of George Floyd in the US have been marked by many incidents of police violence, including punching, kicking, tear-gassing, pepper-spraying, and driving vehicles at peaceful protesters.
    The actions have left hundreds of protesters in jail and injured many others, leaving some with life-threatening injuries
    usa protest 2020
    Protesters clash with police in Chicago, on May 3    Jim Vondruska | NurPhoto | Getty Images

    October 2020, thousands of women stormed the streets of Poland, protesting a recent Abortion Law that drastically restricts their right to access safe and legal abortions. Carrying banners and placards — many bearing a red lightning bolt, a symbol of the pro-choice protests in the country — the demonstrators demand the reversal of the ruling by Poland’s highest court. Clashes broke out when law enforcement authorities began to use pepper spray to disperse crowds of more than a hundred protestors in Warsaw.

    Protest in London Polish Embassy

    Thousands of people took to the streets of Bangkok in the month of November for anti-government protests that have been ongoing for several months. Three pro-democracy groups gathered in downtown Bangkok standing firm on three major demands: the resignation of the prime minister, the rewriting of the military-drafted constitution, and reform of the near-absolute power of the monarchy.

    Source - DT NEWS

    The ongoing Indian farmers' protest is against the three farm acts which were passed by the Parliament of India in September 2020. The acts have been described as "anti-farmer laws" by many farmer unions. The protest is getting worldwide support.

    There's no doubt that everyone is expecting this year to be over soon. Every month brought a new incident with it which was really overwhelming. 
    From what has happened till now, 2020 almost brought the end of the world with it but thanks to the determination of people and higher institutions, we all are still alive to see next year with a new hope.

    The Broke Doc

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    In Himachal India Monastery Paragliding Travel

    Weekend Trip to Bir Billing - India's Highest Paragliding Site

    Weekend trip to Bir Billing Paragliding Monastery
    Chokling Monastery

    Bir Billing, a place where many people come to experience the thrill of Paragliding or as they say, they come to The Paragliding Capital of India (World's Second Highest Paragliding Site), home to many Tibetan refugees, land of Monasteries and the list goes on and on.....

    A Perfect Place for a Weekend Trip even if you are going solo.
    The intention was to go solo but from ONE there were TWO and from TWO there were THREE and from THREE there were FOUR...

    "Two is a company, three is a crowd, four is a party, One is a wanderer" by James Thurber.

    Yea, this place is so magical that just hearing about its forte can make anyone feel allured.
    Paragliding, Hang-gliding, Monasteries, Tibetan Monks, Tea Garden, River Walks..........phew, I can go on and on.....

    Funny thing, I had already booked everything from Transport to Stay for one person only.
    It's just after booking I realized I should ask more people, expecting them to say "No!" but clearly, that didn't happen.

    Now from One, there were Four.
    Talking about MY FRIENDS, they may look normal from the outside but from the inside they were High on Life, each one carrying a purpose, a meaning to life. No wonder they agreed and the weekend trip was on!

    It was a 10 hr drive, we packed our bags with all the essentials we need but we forgot about one, a very important one. Without which every trip to the mountains is incomplete, LIQUOR, every man's best friend (*laugh people*)
    We left in the evening and reached there after midnight as we had to take a little detour but it was alright as long we had each other's side.

    Plot Twist- The place we booked to stay wouldn't let us stay as the Booking was for the following morning and we couldn't really go anywhere else. So we requested them to let us crash in the Lounge till morning. They had to agree, what options did they have or We had...

    Day 1 (Monasteries Day)

    The Morning came and I could almost sense the other fellow traveler guests, staring at us lying un-proportionately on the couch, their ruckus woke us up.
    There was no time to waste as we were only there for 2 days, so we checked in, kept our bags, freshen up, and went out to look for a guide for Paragliding, and eventually, we found one but he scheduled it for the next day.
    So we had one full day to kill and what could be the better option than to go for Monastery Hoping
    - Chokling Monastery
    - Tsering Jong Monastery
    - Nyingyang Monastery
    - Sherabling/Tai Situ Rinpoche Monastery

    Weekend trip to Bir Billing Paragliding Monastery
    Tsering Jong Monastery

    No matter which Monastery you go to, you will always feel a sense of belonging. And these were enough to kill the time and to had the lust for a goooood dinner.

    Day 2 (Paragliding Day)

    Finally the day we were all waiting for, the guide (whom we met there) took us to the site. 

    Tip - There's no need for online booking. There are plenty of agencies on the main road itself or ask your accommodation manager for the guide.

    Oh Man! was it crazy, seeing the people flying but without wings. It was difficult now to conceal the emotions, the adrenaline rush, the anxiety while getting prepped for the take-off. The heart started to 'lub-dub'. 
    It was a Tandem Jump, means assisted by a professional. He just said one thing, "DONT STOP, JUST JUMP OFF THE CLIFF".
    I was like "WHAAAAT"........ And there we go, we jumped and took the Leap of Faith.

    You can't really describe that feeling in words. The sky full of parachutes, people with the same lust for adventure, and As you run into the air, 8000 feet above the ground, the parachute opens and takes you and your breath away, like a weightless bird.

    Weekend trip to Bir Billing Paragliding

    Those 20 mins of Heavenly Experience made me realize that we are too busy to cherish the Life itself instead we are busy chasing it.

    Indeed that was our 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' experience and I am still glad that my friends tagged along with me to this weekend trip.
    After landing, We smiled and hugged each other and We are still blown away by the experience whenever we talk about Bir Billing.

    Because Some Moments Are Worth To Share.....
    The Broke Doc

    There are more great Travel Stories waiting for you.

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    In Food

    Your Guide to 1$ Foods Around the World

    1$ Foods Around the World Guide

    Ever wondered what 'cheap eats' look like in other parts of the world. Besides its price, what other things make them so popular among local foodies. Let's take a look at this small guide to the best 1$ foods around the world.


      Country - Argentina 

      This pocket-sized flavourful pie can be served deep-fried or oven-baked. It has more than 10 different fillings to make sure you always taste something new whenever you try it. For instance, there is an Empanada with Meat, Ham & Cheese, Blue Cheese, Humita, Chicken, Mushroom, Vegetables, Dulce De Leche, and Llama Meat

      Empanada 1$ Foods Around the World


      Country - Uzbekistan

      Plov is supposed to represent 'Hospitality' and is traditionally cooked by MEN only. It's more than a street food as it's served everywhere in Weddings, Parties, Anniversaries, etc. Its key ingredients are rice, onion, carrots, meat, and vegetable oil. So now you know all the ingredients, give your hands a try (to all the men).

      Plov 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - Urban Adventures

      Bubble Tea

      Country - Taiwan

      You might have tried all kinds of tea whether its Iced Tea, Chai Latte or Chamomile Tea but your life is incomplete if you haven't tried Bubble Tea, and it's only in Taiwan where you can drink the real thing. Bubble Tea is also called Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Tea or Bubble Milk Tea and these can be served hot or cold. The original Bubble Tea uses Taiwanese Black Tea but some people might mix it a little. And those bubbles you see are Tapioca Balls or Fruit Jellies.

      Bubble Tea 1$ Foods Around the World


      Country - Philippines

      It's Crunchy N Chewy and this may confuse you at first but each bite is an explosion of sugary euphoria. Turons are made from sliced ripe saba bananas rolled in a spring roll, deep-fried, and then glazed with brown sugar. On special occasions, you may also find a slice of jackfruit inside.

      Turon 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - MySteinBach

      Gỏi Cuốn

      Country - Vietnam

      It's a traditional Vietnamese Street Food. These are also known as Summer Rolls or Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Gỏi Cuốn is stuffed with Pork, Vegetables, Herbs, Rice Vermicelli and Shrimp, all covered in Rice Paper. It's a popular appetizer that is served Fresh or Fried.

      Goi Cuon 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - TNK Travel

      Pastel De Nata

      Country - Portugal

      These may look small but it takes a lot of time to prepare it. This egg tart pastry involves a time-consuming process of rolling, filling, chilling, and heating but when you look at the end product, it's totally worth the wait. It consists of layer upon layer of flaky pastry and delicious egg yolk filling and later they sprinkle some sugar or cinnamon to enhance the taste.

      Pastel de Nata 1$ Foods Around the World


      Country - Spain

      These are long pieces of fried dough coated with cinnamon and sugar. They can be filled with caramel, chocolate, or other flavored sauces. Like pretzels, churros are sold by street vendors, who may fry them freshly on the street stand and sell them hot. In Spain and much of Latin America, churros are available in cafes for breakfast, although they may be eaten throughout the day as a snack.

      Churro 1$ Foods Around the World

      Pav Bhaji 

      Country - India

      Pav bhaji is a popular Indian street food that consists of a spicy mix vegetable mash & soft buns. Usually, pav bhaji is served with a generous amount of butter topped along with some fresh chopped onions & lemon juice. The butter-toasted pav is eaten along with the veggie mash or bhaji.

      Pav Bhaji 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - FirstCry


      Country - Bangladesh

      Don't mistake it with Samosas from its neighboring country India. The filling consists of peas, onions. coriander, lentils, meat, and potatoes. It is served with chutney as an appetizer.

      Singara 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - Easy Cook


      Country - Japan

      Dango is a sweet rice dumpling you can eat all day long. Its a cousin of 'Mochi' as the rice flour used for Dango is called Mochiko. You get to taste Dango in different varieties such as Anko, Mitarashi, Chadango, Denpun, Bocchan, Kinako, and Hanami. Its best eaten with a cup of green tea.

      Dango 1$ Foods Around the World


      Country - Korea

      Do not confuse it with Takoyaki from Japan. Its the real deal with all 8 tentacles either grilled or alive. Don't worry its not for everyone and you can always try Takoyaki which are small octopus balls.

      Octopus 1$ Foods Around the World

      Chapati and Curry 

      Country - Myanmar

      It's a compact meal for the people who are in a hurry. Take your chapati (a flatbread) with any curry of your choice and dig into those savory- spicy flavors. Make sure you eat the whole thing and not just dispose of the leftover curry.

      Chapati Curry 1$ Foods Around the World

      Pan-Fried Pork Bun 

      Country - China

      You'd probably think of Dumplings when someone mentions China. However, a Pan-Fried Pork bun is a street food that would definitely give your stomach a happy feeling worth for its price and it's pan-fried rather than steamed.

      Pan fried Pork Bun 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - Little Tomato


      Country - United Arab Emirates

      It takes a local to find cheap eats in Dubai. Luqaimat which means Bite-sized in Arabic is a traditional snack made from flour and yeast. These ingredients are made into dough and deep-fried until golden brown and later are bathed in date syrup sprinkled with sesame seeds.

      Luqaimat 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - Gulf Today

      Pad Thai 

      Country - Thailand

      If you are in a hurry and you need a quick food without any complications then this is The One. You can have rice noodles stir-fried with eggs, tofu, dried shrimp, reddish, and bean sprouts seasoned with fish sauce, palm sugar, tamarind paste, and red chili pepper (phew.......) all in one serving. It was used to serve as an alternate food option during World War II but now it's loved by everyone.

      Pad Thai 1$ Foods Around the World


      Country - Egypt

      This Egyptian comfort food also goes by Koshary or Koshari. Its the national dish of the country made by lentils, macaroni noodles, rice, spiced tomato sauce, garlic vinegar, chickpeas, and crispy fried onions. It's full of carbs and gives you the ultimate satisfaction.

      Kushari 1$ Foods Around the World
      Sorce - Lonely Planet


      Country - El Salvador

      People love it so much that they have a holiday named after it, National Pupusa Day which is celebrated on November 13th. The corn or maize dough is made into tortillas and its filling is a mix of cheese, refried beans, pork, chicken, and loroco. It is served with curtido (spicy cabbage salad) and salsa.

      Pupusa 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - Inmsol


      Country - Hungary

      If you want to taste the authentic Hungarian dish, you should try Kürtőskalács also known as Chimney Cake. Its shape is formed by wrapping a strip of yeast dough around a wooden cylinder, it's brushed with oil and topped with sugar. The glazed dough is baked inside a special oven until caramelized.

      Kurtoskalacs 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - Vitez Kurtos


      Country - Republic of Georgia

      It's like tasting the taste of Georgia's National Dish right on the street. They surely love Khachapuri as they made the nine variations of it such as Megruli, Imeruli, and Lobiani to name a few. It's basically a Flat Bread filled with Cheese and it might look like a Pizza to some but without toppings.

      Khachapuri 1$ Foods Around the World
      Source - Guide Post


      Country - Mexico

      Mexico is the land of Tamales and they have 5 varieties of it and among them, Guajolota is the most famous. It's the ultimate breakfast option, consisting of a Tamal sandwiched between bolillos

      Guajolota1$ Foods Around the World
      Photo by: Vice/Munchies

      So now you know all the 1$ foods around the world. Don't forget to try these when you find yourself in these countries or maybe you can try to cook them in your own kitchen so you don't have to go out to try these 1$ foods around the world. 

      The Broke Doc

      Don't forget sharing is caring and do check out other Articles which are way more fun to read.

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      In India Rishikesh Travel

      The Unsung Love for Rishikesh Part 2 : A Hippie Story

      Rishikesh, Here We Come Again!

      Remember how much time you spent smoking joints and pot during your time in college? Yes, I am talking to YOU! (*winky face*).

      Note - If you haven't read Part 1 then you're missing out on some serious fun.

      Continuing the story, you know how 'spontaneous plans' are, you don't think; you just act.
      Little did I know where I was planning to chill at the weekend by binging shows and other stuff, other plans were already being made by some of my restless friends.

      No brainer I had to join them or else I had to walk on 'the path of shame'. Nevertheless, getting late for every trip has been our specialty. 
      It was a 5 hr long drive, made some detours for gas and food, and finally reached Rishikesh at midnight 

      But something went wrong during all this, WE NEVER MADE ANY BOOKINGS TO STAY. We were so cool about the accommodation that we were expecting people to welcome us by showering flowers on to our entrance.
      But in reality, every other place was full. After searching for an hour we finally found this hostel which would let us stay in this tiny dorm perfect for us 5 people.

      Other guests had already made the hostel their home, laughing, smoking weed and playing cards, and more. They all were kind enough to let us join them. One of them just passed me that weed so casually that I had to pretend I was an everyday stoner. But I couldn't pull out the act for long. It just took me one hard cough to make a fool out of myself.

      And later that night something unimaginable happened. We were all set to go out to breathe in the city at 2 a.m and when we were just about to step out, we crossed paths with this man who was a self-proclaimed fortune-teller also went by the name of 'Jeeni Baba'. He was stoned for sure as he couldn't stand straight for long. He proposed to tell us our past and the future in return for nothing. As there was no cost involved, we were also curious to know what he knew about us. He started looking at our faces one by one and started telling predictions one by one. Even though we didn't believe him before but when he shared his predictions, it just blew our mind that how near to close his predictions were. He left and went on his way leaving us there surprised and shocked.

      View of Laxman Jhula from the Staircase (Source- Treebo )

      Anyway, the reason to go out at 2 a.m was to see the night side of Rishikesh which is far different from its dayside. Dimly-lit streets filled with other travelers roaming around and enjoying the night. It's a whole different story

      If you want to make most of the night, stand in between the Laxman Jhula, the bridge, and feel the power of cool breeze while it shivers you and shakes the whole bridge along with you, is an absolute thrill altogether. You can't experience this during the daytime.

      There's nothing much to do at night apart from roaming the town and smoking weed. Or be a part of a movie group. Or be a part of a sing-along with other people at the stairways to the river Ganges. Or don't be a part of the sing-along, go down on memory lane by just sitting, looking at the river, and listening to its splashing sound while a flow of cool breeze passes through your body and leaves you numb.

      These small little feelings make Rishikesh a perfect place for a getaway.
      And it also enabled the future possibilities for the introduction of other substances into my body (*winky face*) 

      The Broke Doc

      Part 1 
      is more fun just like other Travel Blogs

      Don't forget to comment your perfect getaways.

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      In Inside Look

      Strange Religious Festivals of India (2020)

      Strange Religious Festivals of India

      There are some strange religious festivals of India that are practiced all over the country that hardly people like you and me are familiar with it.
      India is a land of culture, religion, beliefs, and some strange festivals and rituals too. Every region has its own traditions, even if you find them strange or weird but this doesn't stop them to practice it.
      Let's take a look at these strange religious festivals of India:

        Self-flagellation - The Mourning of Muharram 

        Muharram translates into 'forbidden'. It is the holy month of remembrance and mourning. Mourning begins on the first day of the month with a 10 day fast and culminates into The Day of Ashura (tenth day) when Shia Muslims carry out the ritual of mass self-flogging to commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. In a terrifying display of devotion, men mercilessly whip their bodies with blades attached to chains till they are soaked in their own blood.
        It is something not for the faint-hearted.

        strange religious festivals of india Deadliest Superstitious Rituals self flagellation muharram

        Jallikatu - Bull Run

        Jallikattu is a part of Pongal celebrations in Tamil Nadu State
        The term jallikattu comes from the Tamil words “salli kaasu” — while “salli” means coins, “kattu” is the package tied to a bull’s horns as prize money.
        It has been alleged that bull owners often rub lime juice and chili powder into the animal’s eyes and genitals to make them ferocious which makes it even more dangerous for the spectators and participants.
        Moreover, animal rights organizations claim bulls are often stabbed with knives or sticks, punched, jumped on, and swept across the floor as the human participants try to tame them.

        Strange religious festivals of India

        Trampled Over by Cows

        Villagers in Madhya Pradesh allow hundreds of cows to trample them as part of Diwali rituals. It is believed they are honoring the cows themselves.
        If any of these villagers sustain minor injuries, they are treated with cow urine and dung, which they say have medicinal qualities to heal these injuries. 

        religious festivals of india trampled by cows
        Source- News18

        Tossing Baby from 30 ft high roof

        Solapur in Maharashtra State is famous especially for this ritual, being home to the Baba Umer Dargah, where this ritual has been actively practiced for ages.
        This is a 700-year-old ritual practiced by both Hindu and Muslim families in the region. Legend has it that hundred years ago, when the infant mortality rate was high, a saint advised the families of this region to demonstrate their faith in God by throwing their babies off the roof of a shrine and that God would miraculously produce a sheet below to catch them in.
        But now, people seem to choose not to rely only on faith these days. As the child is tossed off the roof by priests, a group of people waits below, holding a sheet to catch them in. On being caught safely in the blanket, the child is passed around in a triumphant celebration before being returned to its parents.

        Source- EDTimes

        Throwing Children over Cows' shit

        People of Betul, Madhya Pradesh State toss their children in cow dung as they believe that the ritual brings good luck on Gorvadhan pooja. 
        It is also believed to bring them good health apart from good luck, even if it takes their little ones being covered in a pile of cow dung. 
        This age-old ritual takes place in the coming weeks after Diwali on Govardhan pooja. Believing Cow sacred is one thing, bathing their children in cow's dung is another especially when the immune system of the children is underdeveloped.
        Deadliest Superstitious throwing children
        Father marking his kid with cow's dung (Source- WeirdAsiaNews)

        Aadi Perukku Festival - Smashing Coconuts over devotees' heads

        During this ritual, one of the priests hold the head of the devotees who are sitting in a queue awaiting their turn, and another priest breaks open the coconut in a jiffy by smashing it on the skull of the person.
        Breaking coconuts on the devotees’ head is symbolic of breaking free from your past, and surrendering yourself to God. Interestingly, it is a voluntary decision on the part of the devotees, whether or not they want to go through this ordeal, yet, thousands of people line-up outside the gates of Mahalakshmi Temple in Karur, Tamil Nadu State, to receive the blessings on this thanksgiving festival.
        Of course, the ritual causes head injuries to the people. While, some of them rush to the doctor’s clinic to get first aid, which could involve a few stitches, many devotees refrain from taking recourse to medical treatment either out of reverence for the deity or due to sheer fear from incurring the deity’s wrath.

        Priest Smashing Coconut Over Devotee's Head (Source- Dailymail)

        Bagwal Festival - Stone Pelting Festival

        It is a rather unique tradition to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in which devotees pelt stone at each other as part of a ritual named "Bagwal". It is held in a temple in Deidhura in Champawat district in Uttrakhand State as a part of a ritual to appease the local deity.
        According to legend four local feudal lords - Chamyal, Gaharwal, Olgiya, and Lamgaria- divide into two groups, both of whom start pelting each other with stones. The ritual concludes with a signal from the head priest.

        Source- eUttrakhand

        And also this festival is one of the few examples where the Government did intervene to make it safer for the people. According to Uttrakhand Tourism Department, the High Court has now ordered to use flowers and fruits instead of stones.
        These might not be all but are some of the few weird and strange religious festivals of India that are celebrated in different states and People need to know about the difference between faith and blind faith.

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